Michael Justis was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains and grew up in a beach town. Between those shadowed, ancient mountains and an ever changing sea under sunny skies, his musical roots are strong and deep, paving the way for the 60’s British invasion and its influence on so much music to follow. The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, Poco and the Grateful Dead all had a front porch taste of country rock that flowed together, binding Michael’s musical heart and soul in a blend that would grow and mature in the passing years.

His interest in singing was encouraged by a 6th grade music teacher, setting Michael on the tuneful path that would continue long after school days were done. Those folk scene days of coffee houses and beach front bars were the natural next step for listening, learning and playing his acoustic style.

While Michael has played in many bands, he started out solo in the Virginia Beach area in ’75 after getting out of the Air Force. It was then he developed a comfort level playing that is evident in his music today, whether he’s holding down the stage alone or enjoying blending his talents with other musicians.

His first band, Muddy Creek, hit the road in 1976 and by the 80’s, you could find him in Key West, playing all the bars on Duval Street. The 90’s found him living in the Caribbean, playing a variety of long standing local gigs and recording his CD “Territorial Justis.”

These days Michael is based in the Caribbean, playing and recording with his band Trailer Trash with an Ocean View, along with a good part of the year spent touring stateside. While not the writer of most of the music he performs, his country beach background gives each tune a cowboy-booted briny infusion never detracting from the original.

MJ Stark